Founder’s Message

At Golden Goenka, the future is chalked out and ready to grow aggressively through market expansions and explore new business segments with innovative strategies, to be amongst the industry leaders in the chosen segments, to move forward and ahead.

We are aware that the opportunities in the Infrastructure and real estate will be many and diverse in nature. While this provides impetus for our sustainable growth, our company is also duly careful that from amongst the multiple choices of attractive businesses available we always make the right choice. Our company’s business model and its risk management policies and mechanisms are being constantly reviewed and upgraded to ensure this.

We agree that a business should make money, but money cannot be our sole driving force. We are committed to building a value, an organisation that runs like a family, with the purpose to serve all its stakeholder, upholding our Indian values and ethos.

CA G L GoenkaChairman

Golden Goenka signifies this quality of going in quite the same way we have done in our previous forays; while we have faced many highs and lows in our journey so far, we have weathered each storm with grace and grit, coming out stronger after each event. Today, we are poised for growth and are best positioned to capitalize on urban real estate growth which India is witnessing.

I personally believe that what we value most are our invisible assets, perseverance and integrity. Across the Group, we inspire trust, integrity and transparency in all our business dealings. Our employees are actively encouraged to think, evolve and act, as individual development is the key to our success. Investing in people’s ideas adds value and endows them with the passion to make a difference.

The Company recognizes that talent management is a constantly evolving discipline which needs to engage with a dynamic environment. Built on an entrenched set of core principles, the Company’s HR policies are designed to ensure that it remains the employer of choice. Compensation packages have been revised to ensure that superior resources are sufficiently incentivized to join and stay with the company. The Company also offers an unmatched canvas of professional opportunity for growth and development.

All our past and future achievements are made possible due to many partners in success; the personnel at Golden Goenka, our shareholders, our customers, affiliated partners and sister companies. We are determined to draw new paths towards constructing of self-sustainable prosperous societies for a better and more comfortable life.We are on the right track with our strategy for Growth, Wealth & Success for the company, its stakeholders and employees.