Since its very foundation, the Golden Group has always developed a balance between good business model and helping social causes. From empowering education in rural areas to supplying aid to thousands during the covid-19 crisis, we’ve always tried to put our best foot forward in fulfilling our social responsibilities. We contribute towards the environment revival by donating to animal welfare and by reducing our carbon footprints.

Pannadevi Jeevanram Goenka Charitable Trust

Founded by our chairman Shri Girdhari Lal Goenka in August 1 2009, the charitable trust is named after his late parents – Honorable Pannadevi Goenka and Honorable Jeevanram Goenka. Over the years, the Trust has made donations to multiple animal welfare shelter, and charitable organizations working for variety of causes. Apart from the donations, via the trust the Golden Group provides educational and medical aid to as many as possible. During the lockdown in April and May 2020, members provided food packets, medical supply and other aid almost on a daily basis to thousands of unprivileged individuals.

Shree Goenka Kalyan Trust

Recognizing the vital role education plays in steering socio-economic development, the Shree Goenka Kalyan Trust has provided educational benefits to numerous unprivileged kids across Rajasthan. With our chairman Shri Girdhari Lal Goenka as the trustee, the Golden Group has been an active contributor towards the social activities of the trust. Shree Goenka Kalyan Trust has helped many schools develop proper infrastructure like decent classrooms and appropriate bathrooms. It equips the young children with their stationary requirements such as books, uniforms, etc. Also, during winter season, it conducts a Blanket Distribution Drive. Rajasthan being a state decorated with ancient forts and castles attracts enormous number of tourists across the year; so Shree Goenka Kalyan Trust also operates a hostel with good services at extremely cheap prices.

Friends of Tribal Society

Established over three decades ago, Friends of Tribal Society is dedicated to the upliftment of tribes. In this virtuous journey, the Golden Group has been a consistent patron. Headquartered in Kolkata, FTS runs ‘One Teacher School (OTS)’ or ‘Ekal Vidyalaya’ imparting education to children between 6 to 14 years of age. As of May 31 2020, FTS was running 55301 Ekal Vidyalaya across 17 states, and 89305 OTS along with other associates. And we’re proud to support a small number of these One Teacher School run by FTS. Also, to recognize the activities of Ekal Abhiyan, the Government of India has awarded Gandhi Peace Prize 2017 to Ekal Abhiyan Trust.

Lions Clubs International

Our chairman, Shri Girdhari Lal Goenka is a proud member of Lion’s Club for over two decades now. Lion’s Club brings together individuals with the goal of improving their communities, meet humanitarian needs, and encourage peace. Mr. Goenka served as the president for Lion’s Club Calcutta and over the years have been recognized and awards several times for his contribution towards the betterment of the society.

  • He was awarded the ‘Nominee for Best Treasurer’ by Lion’s Club International Foundation in 2001-02.
  • In 2005-06, ‘Melvin Jones Fellow’ was presented to him for dedicated humanitarian services by the Lion’s Club International Foundation.
  • During his term as the president for Lion’s Club Calcutta in 2008-09, he was awarded by Lion’s Club International for outstanding contribution in ‘Creating Miracles through Service’.
  • Again in 2014-15 term, he received the President’s Admiration Award by the Lion’s Club Calcutta.
  • Most recently in May 2017, he was honored by the Lion’s Club Calcutta for his dedicated service, visionary guidance, and undaunting leadership.

Animal Welfare

Animal protection is considered one of the paramount social justice issues of modern times, and we have put our best foot forward in supporting this movement. The Golden Group is a proud accomplice for multiple ‘Gaushalas’ in the city which shelters cattle who are unable to lactate.

  • Calcutta Pinjrapole Society
  • Chakulia Pinjrapole Society
  • Shree Lachhmangarh Pinjrapole
  • Akhil Bharat Goseva Sansthan

We’re associated with these 4 cattle protective shelters. Moreover, our chairman Shri Girdhari Lal Goenka is the president of the Calcutta Pinjrapole Society, and Chakulia Pinjrapole Society. He is also the trustee for Akhil Bharat Goseva Sansthan. These ‘Gaushalas’ provide sanctuary to protect those animals who would otherwise be slaughtered.

Medical Assistance

Not only animals but as the part of contribution, the Golden Group has associated themselves with hospitals and provide medical aid to the unprivileged. We provide monetary relief to patients of the SVS Marwari Hospital in College Street, Kolkata. And we had donated an ambulance to Anandlok Hospital in the memory of late Pannadevi Jeevanram Goenka, the mother of our chairman Shri Girdhari Lal Goenka.

Other Activities

Along with all this, the Golden Group is also focusing on saving the planet by reducing our carbon footprints. A plot of land owned by us in Maheshtala, West Bengal has been planted with Malabar neem trees which is a tropical deciduous tree growing upto 20 metres in height. Further, we also help raise funds to multiple other charitable trusts which indulge in variety of activities.

  • Senior Citizens: We’re donors to Shree Manav Seva Trust which runs an old age home in Himaragachi, Hooghly; and a member of the Kolkata Senior Citizens Forum.
  • Social Welfare: Supporting Shree Calcutta Agarwal Samity which conducts mass marriages helping people start new lives with a significant other.